Spotify officially announces HiFi stream service at Stream On event

Admin May 08, 2021 304


Spotify HiFi Service is reportedly preparing to introduce CD-Quality Audio for music streaming. It also supports Smart Speakers.

Although no official date has been set for the availability of the Spotify HiFi service, it may be limited to a few countries at the time of its release. They have not yet revealed the pricing of this Spotify HiFi Service. This HiFi service increases the audio quality of the Spotify Streaming Service.

HiFi streaming service already offers a music stream service called Tidal, which also serves the world’s most popular and world-famous Spotify service.

However, a quality like HiFi increases the amount of internet data that can be spent on music streaming, and if you download it, it will consume at least 38mb of space per song.

You also need very good hearing aids to enjoy the high quality of HiFi quality, and you will not be able to get that enjoyment by using the cheapest gaming headphones available in the market (like Rs. 4,000).


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