Telegram is releasing Beta 7.5, making it even easier to join group chat and add a few more features

Admin May 08, 2021 57


Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps right now. Also, the number of Telegram users has increased rapidly with the recent introduction of the new Privacy Policy for WhatsApp. Currently the Telegram app has over 500 million users. A new beta version of Telegram Beta has been released.

With this Telegram Beta 7.5 version, the Telegram app has a QR Code Group Invite feature, a Widget feature for Android devices, a Message Auto-delete Timer Option and a Broadcast Group feature.

QR Code Group Invite & Custom Invite Link
This Beta Version provides the facility to invite a Telegram Group with a QR Code. Accordingly, the Group Owner can generate this Inviting QR Code and by scanning it, it can join the relevant group. You can also add an expire date to the Invite Link with this Beta Update.

Widget Support for Android
The Telegram Widget feature is also provided for Android users. This widget allows you to quickly access your essential Chats and Channel.

Messages Auto-delete Timer
This beta update provides an auto-delete timer option that can be timing for Telegram Groups to auto-delete its messages. This Timer can be set to Auto Delete Messages within 24 hours to 7 days.

Broadcast group
This beta version gives admins the ability to turn a normal Telegram group into a Broadcast Group. Also, the 200K number which is the membership limit of a normal group will not be applicable for this Broadcast Group. But it is not possible to convert this Broadcast Group back to a normal group.

All these features have already been released for the Telegram 7.5 Beta version and it is expected that all these features will be available for the stable Android version of Telegram in the future.


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