Understand Apple Authorized Distributor, Sellers and Service Providers in Sri Lanka

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The last few days can be described as a time when a lot of misconceptions about Apple iPhones, its parts and various things have been circulating on social media among the Sri Lankan youth. The main reason for this was that the people concerned went to the internet and presented the information obtained through it to those who had no knowledge about it without any scrutiny and without any means of confirmation.

Even then, some of the information posted on social media by those who provided such false information had gained a great deal of publicity and recognition, which led to the rapid spread of these false information and opinions among those who did not have the knowledge and accurate understanding of the above.

As a result, we, the Android workers who act as a responsible news team on social media and the internet in Sri Lanka, decide to study the truth and bring it to you.

First of all, who is an Apple Authorized Reseller?
Apple Authorized Reseller, also known as AAR, stands for Apple Computer Inc., which sells software and / or hardware manufactured under Apple. A business partner subject to a contractual obligation with the Company. Apple maintains a list of authorized companies on its website.

So why are the names of some Authorized Resellers in Sri Lanka not in it?
Apple Computer Inc. Although Apple has entered into an agreement as an Authorized Reseller, an Apple Authorized Reseller must meet certain requirements to be included in the list on the Apple website.

In the meantime, he or she should only sell Apple devices. Also, the showroom should be set up in a separate place under the accepted conditions of Apple. Also, the staff should be specially trained for this purpose. Its main purpose is to give anyone who comes to the showroom the feel of a showroom run by Apple.

For example, although Abans officially imports and sells Apple devices in Sri Lanka, the limited number of showrooms set up under the above criteria is limited to the number of showrooms operated by Apple on Apple’s criteria. This is because Apple maintains only showrooms in their list that meet their status criteria

Therefore, we can not conclude that a company is not an Apple Authorized Reseller just because it is not listed in the list on Apple’s website.

Who exactly is the Apple Authorized Distributor in Sri Lanka?
Everyone in Sri Lanka knows that Abans is an Apple Authorized Distributor. But with the arrival of Genxt in Sri Lanka this situation will change. Although Apple devices were not initially imported and distributed in Sri Lanka, Genxt already operates in Singapore, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Mongolia and Pakistan, and is a partner of Apple in those countries.

With the arrival of Genxt in Sri Lanka, they will soon be requesting permission from Apple to sell Apple products in Sri Lanka, as they already have the approval to allow Apple to sell and distribute its products in Sri Lanka, with the exception of Abans. Genxt Delivery is made to the company.

Genxt then demonstrates the services they provide for Apple devices and all other services, including the ability to import and distribute all of Apple’s devices (especially iPhones).

Then who are the Apple Authorized Resellers in Sri Lanka?
At present the following companies are considered as Apple Authorized Resellers in Sri Lanka.

Dialog Axiata
Future World
Genxt Store
iDealz Lanka
BT Store by BT Options

    In addition, if any company acts as an Apple Authorized Reseller, we will be able to add to this list after confirming that.

Then who are the Apple Authorized Service Providers in Sri Lanka?
There are three Apple Authorized Service Providers in Sri Lanka.

Future World
What is special about this service is that it is only available on Apple phones distributed through the official distribution companies in Sri Lanka with TRCSL approval. It also uses the Apple Care warranty, also known as the Abans warranty or the Genxt Warranty, for identification with the distributor, and if your mobile phone or Apple device has a valid Apple care warranty, you will receive a Warranty claim from all three of the above service providers. There is the possibility of.

No matter what Apple Authorized Distributor imports, distributes and sells mobile phones in Sri Lanka, warranty claims can be made through the aforementioned Apple Authorized Service Providers.

So if you buy an iPhone in Sri Lanka with the Apple care warranty without the Genxt logo, can it claim the warranty or get the service through Apple Authorized Service Providers in Sri Lanka?
No, despite the Apple Care warranty, the above Apple Authorized Service Providers are only available for iPhones and other Apple devices imported and distributed by the Apple Authorized Distributor in Sri Lanka. This is because Apple has officially authorized the import and sale of their mobile phones and other devices in Sri Lanka only to Apple Authorized Distributors.

Is to correct. Warranty claims for any Apple product with an Apple Care warranty validated by Future World and another company can be made in Sri Lanka through Apple Authorized Service Providers. But please note that not all models support that.


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