Women in space conquering the emirate

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The United Arab Emirates recently became the fifth country to launch a spacecraft into orbit around Mars. That was by orbiting the HOPE spacecraft of their first Mars mission around Mars.

One of the things that has captured the world’s attention with this mission over the past few years is the changing world in which women in an Arab country can do something like space technology.

The following data about women in the United Arab Emirates may surprise you.

The literacy rate for women in the United Arab Emirates is 98.5%.
70% of university graduates in the UAE are women.
In the United Arab Emirates, 46% of university graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are women.
45% of UAE space agency (UAE Space Agency) women.
Mohammed bin, the main space center in the United Arab Emirates
42% of Rashid Space Center women.
70% of the UAE’s astronaut program created by the UAE’s first astronaut is women.
34% of the Hope mission orbiting Mars is female.
80% of the science team on the Hope Mission are women.
The representation of women at the diplomatic level in the United Arab Emirates is 20%.

The most talked about character here is Sarah Al-Amiri. This is information about her.

Sarah Al-Amiri is the current Minister of Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates.
Sarah Al-Amiri is the President of the Council of Scientists of the United Arab Emirates.
Sarah Al-Amiri is the Chairman of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency.
Sarah Al-Amiri is the Deputy Project Manager for Hope Mission.
Sarah Al-Amiri is the head of the Science Team at the Hope Mission.
Sarah Al-Amiri is the Chief Software Engineer for the DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2 projects orbiting the Earth by the United Arab Emirates.
Sarah Al-Amiri was the first UAE citizen to speak at a TED event.
Sarah Al-Amiri also made it to the BBC’s 100 Women List 2020.
Sarah Al-Amiri holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the American University of Sharjah College of Engineering.
She is still 34 years old.

Victory for Sarah Al-Amiri and the women of the emirate who set an example for men to change the way things are perceived in the world and look at the world positively.


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