Xiaomi is suing the U.S. government over an injunction against its company

Admin May 08, 2021 54

The news that the US government has blacklisted eight other companies, including Xiaomi, as Chinese war companies, was a news item that shook the tech world a few weeks ago.

Xiaomi has repeatedly stated that its company has no ties to the Chinese military, and is moving one step further to sue the U.S. government over the decision.

Xiaomi has filed a lawsuit in the Washington District Court against the US Treasury Department, with Xiaomi Secretary Janet Yellen calling the decision “illegal and unconstitutional.”

In imposing the censorship on Xiaomi, the United States has failed to provide any evidence that the company is affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which has been criticized by Xiaomi.

However, Xiaomi has not yet faced a situation similar to that of Huawei or ZTE, and technical analysts are wondering how the United States will deal with this decision regarding Xiaomi in the future.

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