Let us first see separately what is this Textra and Android messages app


Let us first see separately what is this Textra and Android messages app.

Textra App

One of the maximum vital aspects of Android is customization. I love the truth that I can replace almost any app with an opportunity from the Play Store that higher meets my expectations. One of the first apps I installation is the Textra app. Textra app is an SMS and MMS app that replaces the inventory messaging app. At the same time, as there are many apps obtainable that proportion the identical primary function as Textra, I believe Textra takes the cake. Here’s why.

Developer: Delicious

Price: Free with ads. Premium gets rid of commercials for all time.


Great customization


Looks remarkable

A ton of message alternatives

Key Features

Textra, like many different messaging apps, is centered around a listing of threaded conversations. Textra App differs from others in swiping the conversations left or right for more significant movements. A swipe to the left will monitor a trash icon to delete the thread and a swipe to the proper famous phone icon to permit you to make a call instantly from the conversation listing. The snapshots look fantastic, and the mixing is extraordinary.

Let’s talk about the customization of the Textra app

Textra offers you pretty effective customization gear for a texting app. In the customization window, you’ll locate alternatives for the background color (light, dark and black), a ton of subject matter colors that control the coloration of the pinnacle bar, and accessory color, bubble colors inside the communication window, and app icon color. I went with a quiet inventory appearance because I love how Textra looks out of the container.

Within the app, Textra substitutes its very own font for the device font by way of default, but you can trade it to the machine default. I’ve left it on the Textra font because I like the way it appears. However, the ones who decide on your very own system font will need to test out that option.

The app also helps you to make the most of your space by supplying you with a sliding bar to decide how huge you want your text. Even my mom, who refuses to confess she’s blind as a bat, may wish to examine textual content as massive as it receives in Textra.


The customization doesn’t stop there. Message bubble fashion and Emoji fashion are also customizable. You have six bubble alternatives to pick from that best range slightly from every different—nothing loopy here. Emojis are a different tale. You are given options that cowl the machine default, Android-style emojis, Twitter, Emoji One, and iOS.

The iOS style seems to be a famous selection since Apple makes emojis a point of awareness. Textra also updates emojis often so that you don’t ought to anticipate a system update from Google to get the most modern ones.

The customization is going beyond what you spot in the app. Notification customization is a massive issue of Textra that helps you to make the app your very own. I previously cited the short reply window, and it performs prominently in the notification customization.

You have three alternatives while you faucet textual content  Quick Reply with Keyboard, Quick Reply without Keyboard, and Full app. I mentioned that I picked the Quick Reply because I can live inside the app I’m currently in. If you get lengthy text messages or need extra context for your communique, you can choose the no keyboard to make the thread seem a chunk longer.

Other alternatives include how long you want the notification to expose up for a while your smartphone is locked or unlocked, the icon you want to show up on your notification coloration, LED blink coloration, the message sound, vibration alternatives, and whether you need the screen to light up while the message is received. As a person who used an app for years to wake up the screen once I was given a notice, that’s one in each of my favorite functions of Textra.

Is textra a good app?

If you are an Android consumer, you must understand the level of customization it offers. By default, the device comes with usable pre-loaded apps such as the SMS app. The stock SMS app comes with Android doesn’t come with fancy features. It is beneficial most effective for sending and receiving the messages and not anything else. SMS substitute apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram are full of many advanced features, but the most straightforward paintings while the statistics connection is to be had. This is the primary cause for human beings still using SMS even inside the WhatsApp and other messaging apps generation.

But, if you want more capabilities, issues like we see in WhatsApp inside the conventional messaging, you can test the Textra app.


Text is to be had inside the Google Play Store without cost. During the installation, Textra asks permission to access your contacts and make and control cellphone calls. Once you permit them, the program starts offevolved through displaying the inbox in Textra style.

User Interface

The user interface of the Texta SMS is beautifully designed, and you may experience freshness compared to the stock SMS app. Everything is best in the Textra app. For clean studying, the app gives Dark, mild, and car-night time modes.


The fine art of the Textra is threaded conversations help. If you use SMS for lengthy conversations, Textra makes the reading responding more smooth and convenient. The swipe support on each message or thread offers alternatives. If you swipe left on a note or verbal exchange, it suggests the trash icon for deletion. On the alternative hand, swiping on the proper facet well-known shows a telephone icon. If you need to make a name to the SMS sender, this selection eases your activity.

Tapping on every conversation will open up the communication thread. When you tap on the sender image, it opens up the touch information in detail, and with the use of these alternatives, you can add the contact to your phone e-book.

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